Baby Clothing

Looking forward to joining the family soon? Even if you’ve already picked out baby clothes for the new arrival to wear home from the hospital, you may need more baby clothes than you think! In fact, newborns need to change clothes several times a day during the first month. Once the joy arrives (due to lack of sleep and frequent schedule adjustments), it can be challenging to get a lot done, so we recommend that you organize your baby’s closet ahead of time. From newborn clothes to infant and toddler clothes, you can find everything in one place – at Macy’s!


Baby Girls 2-Way Zip Cotton Sleep Play

539 Reviews
$8.40 with code: VIP $16.00

This cute and super soft 1-piece set is designed for all-day comfort from bedtime to playtime, perfect for playtime, tummy time or any time Plus, with an inverted zipper, baby’s arms and tummy stay warm during diaper changes.


Baby Girls 3-Piece Cotton Bodysuits & Pants Set

373 Reviews
$10.08 with code: VIP $24.00

This adorable cotton mix and match legging and pants set from Carter’s lets her exude sweetness on warm or cold days.


Baby Boys 2-Pc. Three-Stripe Track Suit

539 Reviews
$8.40 with code: VIP $16.00

This adorable Adidas two-piece jacket and sweatpants set blends cute, sporty style with laid-back comfort.


Baby Girls Denim Jacket, Created for Macy's

134 Reviews
$15.75 with code: VIP $30.00

With a simple snap front design, this First Impressions denim jacket adds interest to her on-the-go look.



Ralph Lauren Baby Girls Cupcake Dress

118 Reviews

This precious cotton dress features an adorable cupcake style, tiered ruffle hem and Ralph Lauren’s signature embroidered pony.


Baby Neutral Giraffe Sleeper

64 Reviews

Baby is sure to be the center of attention with this sweet nightgown designed with Duckie or Giraffe details. A comfortable choice for Little Me!


Baby Girls Footed Tulle Coverall, Created for Macy's

49 Reviews
$16.80 with code: VIP $32.00

First Impressions offers a charming, comfortable option for her playtime adventures in this comfortable footed jumpsuit with pretty tulle trim.


Baby Girls Coverall

22 Reviews
$15.00 $20.00

Let them shine in this adorable new Nike Valentine’s Day jumpsuit. With a heart-filled side recording tape, it will be the perfect combination for a play date.


Baby Boys Knit Hoodie

57 Reviews
$26.40 $44.00

Baby boy looks like a really cool guy in this awesome knit hoodie from Levi’s.


Baby Boys 3-Piece Bodysuits and Pants Set

222 Reviews
$16.80 with code: VIP $24.00

Complete with two skinny jumpers and a pair of matching pants, this set is perfect for your little bug.

Buying Experience



Safety is essential when buying baby clothes, but busy parents and families sometimes overlook it. Each year, millions of baby clothes are recalled because they do not meet safety standards. That’s why it’s critical to buy baby clothes that won’t cause safety problems.

Don’t buy any baby clothes with decorations such as bows, buttons, flowers and hooks, as they can lead to choking hazards. If a piece must contain embellishments, they should be securely attached. Also, avoid picking clothes with harnesses and waistbands because they can cause strangulation hazards.

When you buy baby pajamas, choose ones made of flame-retardant fabrics (chemically treated) or ones that fit snugly to protect your baby from burns. This applies especially to infant sleepwear in sizes 9-14 months – babies are very flexible at this stage.

Focus on soft fabrics

When buying baby clothes, the softness of the fabric is very important. Ultimately, just like you don’t want to wear uncomfortable clothes, babies don’t want to wear them either. Make sure to focus on clothes made from fabrics that you want to wear yourself.

Comfort is the most important key

Zippers and elastics can cause discomfort to your infant. If you want to buy one with zip or elastic, look out for the dress that has layers of clothes between the infant and the zip or elastic.

Choosing a larger size

This often happens when people are choosing for baby gifts they may have never seen before, so it can be hard to guess their size. If you’re torn between two sizes, choose the larger size. Newborns can grow quickly, and buying a size larger will allow them to enjoy their clothes longer.

Clothes that are easy to clean

You may want to buy clothes made of fabrics that are easy to clean. Babies often spit up, drool, burp and poop. Therefore, choose fabrics that won’t retain stains or deteriorate after frequent washing.